Cooked Egg Products

Cooked egg products are pre-prepared, pre-cooked egg based foods.

Types of product available

  • Pre-cooked omelettes
  • Pre-cooked scrambled egg
  • Hard boiled eggs – whole, chopped, sliced or wedged

Typical usage

Cooked egg products are essential in food service and commercial food processing –  these products are used in businesses ranging from restaurants and pubs to the NHS, schools and residential care homes.

Overview of process

Pre-cooked omelettes and scrambled egg are packed into sealed containers and then frozen, making them ready to heat and serve.

Hard-boiled eggs are mechanically or hand-peeled, then packed in a solution of sodium citrate and 0.1% sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate to inhibit the growth of mould.


Cooked egg products should be kept refrigerated or frozen according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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