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Just Egg (Chilled Foods) Ltd

Established in 2003, Just Egg (Chilled Foods) Ltd is a premier manufacturer of Hard Boiled Eggs and Egg Mayonnaise. An investment of nearly £750,000 enabled Just Egg to build one of the most modern boiling and manufacturing facility in the UK. The factory has been built to the highest standards and meeting all the technical requirements of the retail and food service sectors. Just Egg commenced trading in June 2003 and shortly after attained EFSIS higher level accreditation. Just Egg was the first company to install state-of-the-art boiling and peeling equipment of a new design from Europe and first to pack eggs in pouches within cardboard trays.

Innovative Packaging

We pack our boiled eggs in tamper evident sealed pouches within cardboard trays; this method is technically more acceptable than the traditional method of rigid plastic containers which are not tamper evident. Once the pouch and tray are used they can be disposed of easily by flat packing and recycling.

The factory has been designed to be totally flexible in its approach; therefore we are also able to pack in traditional plastic containers also, specifically for those customers who distribute their products further.

Egg mayonnaise is packed and supplied in 10kg standard plastic container. 5kg 2kg and 1kg Egg mayonnaise are packed in tamper evident packs.

Product Range (What do we do?)

Our name says it all, Just Egg! Many of our eggs and egg mayonnaise products are used in sandwiches and salads. Other outlets include pickling factories, pie makers and supermarkets.


  • All products are tested daily by an accredited UKAS laboratory
  • GMP and HACCP driven quality control management system
  • Approved to the BRC Standard

Just Egg (Chilled Foods) Ltd
Unit 7
Hilltop Road
Hamilton Industrial Park


0116 274 2822


0116 274 2829



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