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6 Results found in "Liquid Whole Egg"

Bumble Hole Foods Ltd

Bumble Hole Foods Ltd a family lead company. We are a team of professionals dedicated to the manufacture of high quality egg products. As a large local employer we continually focus on the welfare and development of our employees and community responsibility.

Tel: 01527874821

D. Wise Limited

D. Wise Ltd is a family run business with a long history in the poultry industry, to date spanning over 3 generations. Based in Cheshire, we supply and manufacture a range of pasteurised egg products (including free range and organic) from our BRC (Grade A) approved factory.

Tel: 01948 820 418

Framptons Ltd

Based in Somerset and with a history of over 100 years in the Egg industry, Framptons are one of the largest, family run suppliers of Innovative Egg Products in the United Kingdom.

Tel: 01749 341000

Lowrie Foods Ltd

Lowrie Foods Ltd produces high quality pasteurised liquid egg products, to serve customers throughout the North of England. We pride ourselves on consistently excellent products, and hold BRC grade A accreditation. We provide an utterly reliable delivery service and are trusted by big companies and small through the North for all of their egg needs.

Tel: 0191 2659161

Noble Foods Limited

Re-launched under new ownership in 2007, Noble Foods is the leading egg and egg products marketing company in the UK. Noble Foods are the progressive face of the UK Egg Industry committed to high quality production, packing and supply of shell egg and egg products. It is renowned for exemplary standards of quality, service, innovation and is totally committed to meeting the needs of all customers.

Tel: 01623 871188

Oaklands Foods Ltd

Family farming based business which now ranks amongst Europe’s elite. It remains just as passionate about producing healthy birds, nutritious quality eggs and egg products, as the day it started in 1967 with first generation farmers Aled and Olwen Griffiths. Now managed by sons Gareth and Elwyn who continue to reach new levels of excellence for products, welfare and food safety.

Tel: 07506055338


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